What Happened To REMdreamer?

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You go through different stages of sleep every night. Each of these stages plays a role in helping you experience the benefits and functions of sleep. REM sleep is one particularly important sleeping phase – but many people are having trouble with this phase. Failure to get enough REM sleep can lead to problems in your life, which is why there are several devices that aim to help you get a boost in REM sleep. 

The REMdreamer is a device that gained some popularity for a while, but it recently went out of stock. Grabbing a REMdreamer now is almost impossible, as most online stores that used to sell it are now out of stock. It also seems like the product has been discontinued, as no information is available from the official manufacturer regarding the availability of the device. 

Let’s take a closer look at what the REMdreamer is, what it does, and why you are no longer able to buy it. 

What Is The REMdreamer?

First of all – what exactly is the REMdreamer? This is a device that you may have come across while doing research on ways to improve your sleep. The device was created to help people who experience sleeping difficulties increase the time they spend in REM sleep every night. It is a relatively simple device, yet its function is really important for the average person. 

The REMdreamer device looks like a mask – and couldn’t be simpler to use. The device features special infrared lasers that can detect when you enter REM sleep. These are high-tech sensors that will start to produce certain actions the moment you enter this particular phase of sleep. It has special sounds that it produces, along with light cues. The idea behind the REMdreamer is to help enhance your sleeping experience – when you are in REM sleep. 

Since REM sleep is so important, the goal of the REMdreamer device is to help you get more benefits from this particular sleep state. In turn, you may end up feeling more refreshed in the morning. You may also find that you are less likely to get tired during the day. Memory function and overall cognitive performance may even improve. 

Was The REMdreamer Discontinued?

We recently saw the continuous unavailability of the REMdreamer device. Several people have actually taken note of this – and when the product is available, it is usually in a used condition. The official company that manufactures the REMdreamer device has not provided any useful details on why the product remains out of stock. We were unable to find a press release or any official statement from the company to help us determine the reasoning behind this. 

At the moment, it does seem like the REMdreamer might have been discontinued. We do await further details from the manufacturer behind the REMdreamer. This would allow us to determine whether or not people should expect to see the device – or perhaps an improved model – in the future. 

REMdreamer Features And Claims

The main claim about the REMdreamer device is that the product is able to help a person experience improved benefits from their REM sleep phase. The device was created by European engineers. A lot of research went into the engineering of the device. Sleep experts and engineers worked together on the project. This allowed the company to develop a product that is able to accurately detect when a person enters the REM sleep phase. The device uses special infrared lasers to do this – and it only activates its main functions once the person enters this state of sleep. 

During REM sleep, a person is also likely to dream. It is also this particular phase that causes a deep restorative effect to take place, allowing the person’s body and mind to prepare for the upcoming day. Memories from the previous day are consolidated too. 

The functions of REM sleep are improved with the use of the REMdreamer, as stated by the manufacturer. Special lights and sounds are used to produce these improvements in REM sleep. 

The device was also made to be comfortable to wear. While there are a few different “goggles” for improving REM sleep, people find that some of these devices are too hard on their face – especially when wearing the throughout the night. 

The REMdreamer device was made to look like a sleep mask. It has soft padding on the side that touches your face at night. This helps to reduce the risk of the mask causing irritation on your face, which may sometimes lead to redness, puffiness, and swelling. The device also uses batteries, which means you do not have to worry about keeping the mask plugged into a wall outlet while you are sleeping.

What Did People Say About The REMdreamer?

There are many reasons why a product like the REMdreamer might be discontinued – and one way of determining what the problem is would be by taking a closer look at the reviews and opinions from previous people. 

We did find listings for the product on platforms like Amazon – and there are quite a few reviews on the official product page. We found that the reviews and opinions of people are mixed. There are a few people who did enjoy their experience with the REMdreamer device – but, at the same time, a lot of people did not like the product at all. 

There are several reviews where people claim that the device was a complete waste of their money. These individuals state that it did not work as expected or caused sleep disturbances instead of helping the person sleep better and remain in the REM sleep phase for a longer period of time. 


REM sleep refers to a deep state of sleep. It is important as this phase helps your body perform several functions. Researchers have developed certain devices that may assist in improving REM sleep. REMdreamer is one that had a lot of mentions in publications, yet it seems like the manufacturer decided to discontinue the production of the device recently. 

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